How do I contact Frankfurt Airport for missing baggage?

After completing your journey, when you get to the baggage claim section and expect to receive your bag, but instead get to know that your baggage is missing. In such situations, the one thing you must do is to report this to the Airport authorities, and for that, you should know How do I contact Frankfurt Airport for missing baggage? As there are many ways, such as you can visit the lost and found section and contact the Airport.

Methods to contact Frankfurt Airport for missing baggage

Visit the help desk of the Airport

If you are at the Frankfurt Airport at the time you have missed your baggage, then the first thing you can do is to get to the helpdesk of the Airport and let them know that you have lost your baggage. They will ask for details, and with all the documents, you have to provide all the tiny details about your bag’s size, color, and things it consists of.

Speak to someone at the lost and found of the Airport

When you have lost your baggage and thinking How do I contact Frankfurt Airport for missing baggage? So, to contact the customer support of Frankfurt Airport simply, you just have to dial + 49 180 6372 4636 and enquire about your missing baggage and how and when you will be able to claim it back.

Fill out the contact form at the Frankfurt Airport website

You can also fill out the contact form if the other methods are not working or because filling out a contact form will be more convenient as you can provide all the details about your baggage easily. Follow the below procedure to fill out the contact form:

  • Visit the official website of Frankfurt Airport.
  • Scroll down to “Information” and click “Contact & Feedback.”
  • Click on the “Contact Form,” and the form will open.
  • Fill out the personal details, write your complaint or queries about the missing baggage, and submit the form.
  • The customer support of the Airport will revert you as soon as possible.

Other contact details of the Frankfurt Airport

In the case of missing baggage, you must know How do I contact Frankfurt Airport for missing baggage? And for that, knowing some of the basic information about the Airport is important. Therefore, the contact details of the Airport are listed below:

  • Airport Address - 60547 Frankfurt, Germany
  • Flight information - +49 69 69 00
  • Email Address -, 
  • Frankfurt Airport website - 
  • Postal address - 60547 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Go through the information mentioned and contact the frankfurt airport customer service for the missing baggage.

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