How do I contact Detroit metropolitan Airport?

If you are traveling for the first time by air and nervous about your first visit to the airport, you must have various questions in your mind, whether there is a parking facility, food facility, wheelchair facility or any emergency care facility, or at what time do I need to check-in to board a flight, and various other questions or you are a frequent flier but wondering,” How do I contact detroit metropolitan airport” or what are different ways to reach out to the customer care helpline number, below are the varied ways that you can adopt and get your queries resolved.

Different ways to reach out to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport:

Contact DTW Via Phone Call

In case you want to get connected to the authority to know about the different services and facilities available at the airport, for example, you require wheelchair assistance, or you’re carrying a pet along with yourself, or parking facility, or any food facility, and other queries that you may want to know prior visiting the airport. You can call the different numbers as per your required service, and the numbers at the airport are the following:

•             Special assistance to disabled or medical condition passengers- In case you want a wheelchair on visiting the airport, or you require some medical facility, you can reach out to the number 855-782-2227, and that will provide you the medical facility.

•             Parking Facility- The parking facility is available to those who are issued Disability Parking Placard or Disability License Plate. To know more about the parking facility you can call on number 800-642-1978.

•             Detroit metropolitan airport phone number - You can specifically reach out to the customer service of Detroit Metropolitan Airport for any assistance, and the number is (734)247-7678 (available 24*7 and the personal assistance is available during business hours Mon-Fri 8 pm-4:30 pm, excluding weekends.), and you’ll have the following IVR options:

•             Press 1 and choose your language

•             Press 2 to book your ticket.

•             Press 3 to know different policies.

•             Press 4 for other options.

•             Lost or Found helpline number- If you have lost a bag at the airport or found any bag, you can reach out to 734-942-3126.

•             Police Non-Emergency - You can also call on (734) 942-2222 number for any assistance you require at the airport.

Via Feedback Form

If you have used all the services provided, for example, any medical assistance, separate pet keeping facility, food facility, extra-luggage policy, or any other services, and you have any query to ask the customer executive of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, or you have to give any feedback, or compliment, following are the steps:

•             Go to the official website of Detroit Metropolitan airport.

•             At the homepage, click on “contact us.”

•             Scroll down, and you will see the feedback form.

•             Fill in all the details and click on “submit.”

Via Social Media

There are many people who are very active on Social Media and look forward to gaining information or updates about everything as much as possible. So, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport also provides an opportunity for travelers or customers to get in touch with the customer executive; though this process takes more time than usual, the authority doesn’t let go of its customers without providing them answers to their queries. Following are the Social Media handles that you can connect with your IDs:

•             Facebook –

•             Twitter -

•             Instagram-

These mentioned steps will leave you at a place where you will have almost minimal questions on how to get detroit metropolitan airport customer service, and all the queries will be resolved even before visiting the Detroit Metropolitan airport.